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  Participating Servers

Tracking 17,983 players (+81 new players last 24h) with 5,029,381 kills (+63,078 last 24h) and 417,449 headshots (8.30%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
l4d2 BLITZ-KRIEG.ORG [VERSUS] (Join) c10m4_mainstreet 00:12:27 1/26 5,029,381 417,449 0.0830
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
1  Mehzgorye 181 : 4 6 0.03 20% 100 00:35:00 2536 5,970
  Infected 181 : 4 6 0.00 0% 4 00:35:00 - 5,970
  Daily Awards (Tuesday 19 Oct)

Adrenaline Junkie    No Award Winner
AK-47 BrazilDiana (376 kills with the AK-47)
Akimbo Assassin    No Award Winner
Ammo Saver    No Award Winner
Automation Perupepito el grisho (219 kills with Auto Shotgun)
AWP Peruℓυιѕ (361 kills with awp)
BANG Headshot. PeruEL CRAZY (43 kills with the Frying Pan)
Barf Bagged PeruCachay (72 vomited on Survivors)
Batter Up! Perupepito el grisho (34 kills with the Baseball Bat)
Black Scottish Psyclops PeruD4T4 (56 kills with the Grenade Launcher)
Boom! PeruGatona (2 kills with Boomer's Claws)
Brain Salad BrazilDiana (83 headshot kills)
Bumrush Thwarter Peruℓυιѕ (71 killed Chargers)
Burger Tank PeruCazaputas42 (42 kills with Tank's Claws)
Chain Smoker Peruego (14 kills with Smoker's Claws)
Cheerio. PeruCazaputas42 (34 kills with the Cricket Bat)
Chrome Shotgun    No Award Winner
Combat Rifle PeruCazaputas42 (88 kills with the Combat Rifle)
Combat Shotgun ColombiaMαrσk Fσx (138 kills with the Combat Shotgun)
Commando PeruMIYU (192 kills with M16 Assault Rifle)
Crowbar Perubudi12 (29 kills with the Crowbar)
Dead Wreckening BrazilDiana (153 downed Survivors)
Dr. Shocker PeruPriorier (29 teammates defibrillated)
Drag & Drop HondurasI'm Kalish (43 constricted Survivors)
Field Medic PeruPriorier (31 healed Survivors)
Fight fire with an axe BrazilDiana (48 kills with the Fireaxe)
Fists of RAGGEE    No Award Winner
Free to Fly BrazilDiana (41 pounced Survivors)
GET OFF MY LAWN    No Award Winner
Going for a ride! PeruTlement (25 jockey rides)
Golf Club PeruCazaputas42 (58 kills with the Golf Club)
Green can't be healthy.. Peruℙaρυsнкa ♪ (11 tank bilebombs)
Ground Cover    No Award Winner
Hawk Eye PeruCachay (238 kills with Hunting Rifle)
Helping Hand BrazilDiana (96 revived Survivors)
Hi Dr. Nick! PeruMIYU (1 kills with a First Aid Kit)
Hulk Smash! BrazilDiana (45 pummelings as a charger)
Hunter Punter Peruℓυιѕ (51 killed Hunters)
Hunter Punter Peruℓυιѕ (48 killed Jockeys)
Hunter Punter ColombiaJhouns (13 hunter punts)
Inquisitor PeruMarkZzz (2 killed Witches)
Katana Peruℓυιѕ (80 kills with the Katana)
Knife PeruCazaputas42 (95 kills with the Knife)
Little Man Claws Peruantonyrchq (7 kills with Jockey's Claws)
Lowest Ping United statesLuluzephyr (17 ms average connection)
M60    No Award Winner
Machete Boliviaᗰᖇ. ᑕᕼᑌKᑌᒪᑌᗰ (52 kills with the Machete)
Magnum PeruCazaputas42 (47 kills with the Magnum)
MP5 Navy    No Award Winner
No One Left Behind PeruD4T4 (9 kills with Mounted Machine Gun)
No Smoking Section BrazilDiana (57 killed Smokers)
Open Season BrazilDiana (55 kills with Hunter's Claws)
Protector Peru√alencia★ (501 hunter punts)
Pump It!    No Award Winner
Pyromaniac Peru√alencia★ (6549 cremated Infected)
Pyrotechnician Peruℓυιѕ (80 blown up Infected)
Rock Star Peru@ff.richigb (8 kills with Tank's Rock)
Safety First PeruMarkZzz (2 kills with Uzi)
Scout Elite GuatemalaDreaD (110 kills with scout)
SG 552 ChileSirChristus (24 kills with sg552)
Slice and Dice PeruClifford el gran perro comunist (14 kills with the Chainsaw)
Snap Crackle Pop Brazil... (8 kills with fire crackers)
Sniper Rifle Brazil... (142 kills with the Sniper Rifle)
Spit shine    No Award Winner
Spittle Splatter PeruCachay (51 Spitters Splated)
Stomach Upset PeruCachay (57 killed Boomers)
TAAN... What is this?! BrazilDiana (21 kills with Charger's Claws)
Tankbuster    No Award Winner
Those nails could kill PeruGatona (2 kills with Spitter's Claws)
Tonfa MexicolDarkRainl (37 kills with the Tonfa)
Uzi (Silenced) Boliviaivan.chambi.villalpando123 (16 kills with the Uzi (silenced))
Wayne's world party on! Peru√alencia★ (18 kills with the Electric Guitar)

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