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  Player Awards History

Date Last Earned Name Description Kills on Day sort-descending.gif
2021-07-25 Machete kills with the Machete 5
2021-07-29 Combat Rifle kills with the Combat Rifle 4
2021-07-17 Hulk Smash! pummelings as a charger 2
2021-08-13 Dr. Shocker teammates defibrillated 2
2021-08-13 Boom! kills with Boomer's Claws 2
2021-07-25 Ammo Saver kills with Pistol 2
2021-07-17 TAAN... What is this?! kills with Charger's Claws 1
2021-07-25 Hi Dr. Nick! kills with a First Aid Kit 1
2021-07-16 Burger Tank kills with Tank's Claws 1

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